Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Unexpected Development

Once again, I've left this blog untended for more than a week. I've been reading and commenting on other people's blogs, but I've had trouble motivating myself to write about anything, mostly because I feel like crap.

I haven't been out of doors en femme yet. The day of the Phantogram show I slept until late into the evening. I had second thoughts, and thirds, and ended up not going at all. I did make it to the midnight showing of Let Me In. This was a good movie. As much as the original, it was not your typical vampire story, though it had a lot of the traditional elements. Chloe Moretz' performance as Abby was somehow more androgynous than Eli in the original, though the producers eschewed the shot from the original which made her ambiguity more obvious.

I did get out this week for a manicure and pedicure. Got my fingernails done in OPI's No Bees Please, which is another one of those sheer almost colors. I spent the last month with my toes bright pink, per my nieces' request, so I bounced back and got them redone in another OPI standby, I'm Not Really a Waitress, which is a dark, glossy red.

Anyway, by way of explanation, I've gotten away from the original aim of this post. I was checking myself out in the shower before work tonight, and I noticed something. My nipples and areolae are slightly bigger than I remember. How big, I can't say. I haven't been measuring them, though maybe I ought to. They're not gigantic or anything, but they don't look as manly as they used to. Don't get me wrong; I'd love to have beautiful feminine nipples (and breasts to go with them). It's just that I haven't done anything to make them this way! My friend Katherine wrote in her blog that such development is an effect of female hormones, but I'm not taking any. I swear!

I should be cool with this, but one doesn't magically grow breast tissue. Now I wonder if I should see a doctor. Help!

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