Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the Move Again

Sometime soon, this weekend or the first of next week, I'll have my own place again. Vicki (my sister-in-law) has been helping me look for a place, with an eye towards getting my upstairs bedroom back. A couple at her church have a guest house they want to rent out as an apartment. They want $400/month, utilities included. I remember asking, "When can I move in?"

Moving won't be too hard. Most of my junk is still in the boxes from the previous move. In addition to the boxes, I've only got a bed, a TV and some small pieces, nightstands and end tables, mostly. This apartment is already partially furnished, so that's no problem.

I did get some static when I met my new landlords. It was still hot in October when I first went to see them, and I ran over there wearing shorts and flip flops. My blue-painted toes were very much in evidence, and the husband kept goggling at them. He doesn't know the half, but I've been assured that there won't be any problems.