Monday, January 26, 2009

I forgot something last week

I haven't watched MTV in years, not since they stopped showing videos 24/7. One of my coworkers had the lobby TV tuned there when I came on the other night, and I came on just in time to see an episode of the latest season of The Real World. One of the current cast members is post-op, and she was sitting in a car with her housemates talking about her childhood, growing up with gender dysphoria. I ended up watching the whole program.

I posted a message about this on a message board I frequent, but totally blanked on posting it here. I found a news story that I linked to there.

So, anyway, I was flipping channels earlier this evening, and I saw a listing for a new episode. In the show description was the following phrase "the girls take a pole-dancing class". I find myself having mixed feelings about a situation like that. On the one hand, I applaud women for seizing a symbol of their own objectification and making it their own. I've thought about taking such a class myself. On the other tentacle, this sort of thing falls into the commentary I've been reading about the hyper-sexualization of transwomen. I'm not sure what to think. Comments?

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