Thursday, September 10, 2009

Did a Little Shopping

I was going to go out yesterday. It was my day off, but I felt rotten, and ended up sleeping through most of the day. I did wake up in time to see the President's address on health care reform. I got to see that buffoon from South Carolina make an arse of himself on national television. I nodded off watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves on Netflix via my Xbox. Eventually I crawled back into bed and resolved to go out today.

I wanted to dress up, but the weather was grey and gloomy, and I still wasn't feeling 100%, so I schlepped out in jeans and a tee with a hoodie. I walked down to the river and caught the ferry to Norfolk, then walked the few blocks over to the MacArthur Center Mall. I wasn't shopping with a purpose. Indeed, I was hoping to get in and out without spending any money. Hah!

I knew my friend Tracy worked at Coach, but I didn't realize she worked at the Coach store in that mall. I ducked in for a moment to say hello, then ducked out again because she had a customer. A little further along, I found a Payless store. I've been looking at a particular pair of their shoes for work, and they just happened to have a pair in my size. I got them. That's actually the second pair of shoes I've bought this week. I found a pair of l.e.i. heels on clearance at Walmart the other day. I'd lusted after them all summer, but never had the money to spare. At $11.00, I decided I could spare it.

By the time I made it back to Waterside to meet the ferry, it had begun to rain again, but it subsided when I reached the dock in Portsmouth. On my many trips through the neighborhood, I've walked many times by a little store called the Eklectik Funk Boutique. I decided to check the place out. The owner told me a bunch of things were on sale, 50-75% off, so I felt like I had to buy something, though I wasn't sure from looking at the racks that anything would fit me. To my surprise, I found a top which turned out to be a dress. That is, the shop receipt says it's a dress. I will probably wear it with jeans or leggings. I also picked out a pair of earrings designed by the owner. The "dress" was 50% off, and the earrings 25% off, so I thought I did well.

On the way home, it began to rain again, in earnest. I got some KFC on the way home and here I am again.

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  1. thought of you today as the roar in the sky sounded the arrival of aircraft for tomorrows air display at the local RAR base, they did not have one last year, almost unheard of. The weather is looking good, summer has started at last! I was going to go and see what it was like , not been since I was a child. All plans wrecked since the front of the house is also wrecked to change the old rotten windows and they work on Saturdays!

    Have to stay home to keep eye on place, they seem to think that the place should be open to the world while they are here!!

    Next year perhaps.

    Caroline xx