Friday, September 25, 2009

Dispatches from the Front

It's been almost a week since my last post. I've wanted to post, but I've been experiencing a whole lot of nothing. I'm still fighting a summer cold, or it might be the flu. I wanted to get out for a bit when I was off this week, but I've felt like crap the whole time.

I broke down and gave Spot a bath this afternoon. He needed it, badly. After the bath, I administered some flea medicine, so hopefully he'll be feeling better soon.
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo, something similar to the photo above. Please to comment, one way or another.
Work is work. I returned last night after two days off to discover that they've taken away my MOD (Manager On Duty) sign. Is this (pardon me) a sign? The search for another job has so far not been fruitful, and I am extremely reluctant to leave this one until I find another. Nate just found out that his job runs out the middle of next week, so it's back to money being tight.
I think I'll go back to bed.


  1. No to the tattoo.
    I'm not against tattoos.
    Just that one.
    There's no rhyme or reason and nothing remotely feminine or even adrogenious about it.
    I wouldn't want to run around the outline with my finger much less my tongue.
    I'm a bit of a monkey like that (can you pick up on the reference?)
    Thanks for the last comment.
    I thought you were mad at me 'cause you deleted my last comment.
    If I moved to said place, would you meet me? You know I love your blogs more than others. You're not whiney. That's 90 percent to being a good person you know.

  2. I fancy a discreet but sexy and feminine tattoo, perhaps a small rose on my back, just bu the right shoulder and another, perhaps a butterfly... ahem, downstairs at the front. After GRS, of course...


  3. DID I delete a comment? I didn't mean to. It's sort of ironic that you object to that tattoo, because I pulled it from the shoulder of one who is a Suicide Girl model/photographer. I'm not kidding. Sigh! Back to the drawing board...

  4. TCG,

    If you moved to said place, I would meet you there. Or anywhere, really. With bells on.

    I'd appreciate your advice on a tattoo. I'd hate to make myself less touchable.

  5. Huh, funny. I really like the tattoo in that pic, but that's largely because it matches my own personal taste in tattoos. It might look better if it was sized down, though.

  6. I would say no to the arm tattoo... but this is coming from someone with binary code down their left forearm LOL