Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Dispatch

I've been away from my computer at home since Monday, and I've only snuck into the business center at work for a quick update, in case anyone thought I'd fallen down a well or something.

Monday afternoon Nate was in a car accident. His job was ending this week (yesterday in fact) and his boss decided to treat his employees to lunch. Nate was in the back seat of one of two vehicles on the way to said lunch. Turning into the restaurant parking lot, their vehicle was struck by a car trying to beat the traffic signal. Their car was flipped around 180 degrees or so and slammed into a concrete signpost. Nate dislocated his left shoulder and suffered a torn ACL in his left knee. Fortunately, the other driver's insurance will cover it all. Nate was okay, just a little shaken.

Tuesday Nate was off, and Wednesday he was laid off.

On the positive side of things, my supervisor is trying to be more accomodating at work, and she scheduled me off Friday and Saturday this weekend. This means I can attend my support group meeting for the second month in a row! I'm also going to try to attend the Athens Boys Choir show at the Hershee on Sunday before work, so it should be a fun weekend.

Note: I'll be sticking with pants for my outing this weekend. ;)


  1. Jeeez..!

    Bad news about the crash, but thankfully he's OK and not too badly bashed about, Jaye.

    And to look on the positive side, the insurance money will come in handy....

    Be sure to keep a full record of all hospital and medical reports, and stuff like expenses on transport to hospital, etc, etc...

    I know it's common sense, but in my last accident I forgot to get a copy of the initial A&E report that showed I had broken ribs, serious concussion and severe bruising to the spine and arms.

    And then the hospital lost my A&E notes, so come the insurance claim, all I got was the damages for my broken right foot.

    I lost out on around £6,000, there.

    love, and best wishes,

  2. Oh, no! Poor Nate. :(