Sunday, October 11, 2009

Movie Review: Zerophilia

Zerophilia (2005)

Director/writer: Martin Curland

Starring: Taylor Handley, Kyle Schmid, Rebecca Mozo, Marieh Delfino

Zerophilia is a fantasy movie that posits the existence of rare humans with a third "Z" chromosome. These individuals are capable of changing their sex at will, but the ability doesn't manifest itself until they become sexually active.

Luke (Handley) is a college student. He's out camping alone in the woods when he's nearly crushed in his tent by a Jeep with camper barreling through the woods. The driver is Kelly LeBrock, and to make up for nearly killing him, they have sex. It's Luke's first time.

A little later, Luke meets Michelle. Michelle is smart, funny, and gorgeous to boot. They hit it right off, but when they go out to dinner, Luke gets a little aroused, and starts to grow breasts. What follows from there is a classic comedy of errors.

I first learned about this film a couple of years ago on a Yahoo TG Fiction mailing list. The writer/director joined the list to promote his movie, and he even credits a couple of known TG fiction writers in the credits.

It's an indie film with a limited budget, but I thought it very well made. The script is good, the actors all give solid performances, and the plot flows pretty evenly with no awkward spots. I got the movie via Netflix when it first came out, but it debuted last night on Showtime 2, and I watched it before coming to work. It'll be on again on the regular Showtime channel sometime over the next two nights, so set your DVR. I promise it's worth the effort.

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