Thursday, October 15, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I wish the IT people who reguate my company's internet access would make up their minds. From the end of last year until the middle of July, I had free access to Blogger to create and update this blog. Then, all of a sudden, I either got "The page can not be displayed" messages, or "Generally Blocked" blockpage messages from the company's proxy system. That prompted my "End of an Era" post, and marked the beginning of a slowdown in the writing of this blog.

Over the weekend, I was reading one of the blogs I follow, and I wanted to comment. Without thinking, I hit the little Google account button to log in so I could post the comment, and next thing I know, I'm logged into Blogger: full dashboard access and the works. It's worked every night since.

I wasn't able to get online at home today, so when I arrived at work tonight, I logged into my Gmail account, then Googled Blogger from there. I got a "Streaming Media" blockpage. A little bit later, I was able to log in by going through the long way, but when I try to view my blog, I still get the "Streaming Media" blockpage. I even disabled the Imeem media player that was embedded in the top right, to no avail. Because of this, I'll have to look at my comments later.

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