Friday, December 18, 2009

Blue Because I Can

I was off on Tuesday, and I had a little extra money left from paying the bills, so I treated myself to the works at my local nail salon: manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax. I last got a manicure in October, and had my brows done around the same time. My last pedicure was in August, before the flap at work over my nails and my earrings.

The lady who took care of me remembered me from previous visits. She joked with me about how thick my brows had gotten. "This is your fault," she said, as she stripped away all the excess. They were running a special, so I got the "deluxe" pedicure for the same cost as the regular treatment. The pampering felt nice. I haven't worn any color on my toes since sometime in September, so I wanted something different. I picked a China Glaze color called "Rain Storm". You can see it here:

Blue isn't really seasonal, but I liked it, and it looks good on my toes. I didn't realize it at the time, but it's almost the same shade as the Na'vi people who appear in the promotions for the movie "Avatar" which opens later this week. I didn't think of it this way myself, but someone else has tried to make this film a transgender issue.

There's another blog, somewhere here on Blogger, which proposes that trans people protest this film, because it's set in the future, but doesn't depict any sort of alternative sexuality or gender expression. Uh, hello? How many other films are out there that depict a future that's more or less just like today, except that there are aliens, or robots, or whatever? There are a lot, too many for this poor blogger to count.

I believe that we have to choose our battles carefully. As i write this, President Obama's big health care reform proposal is circling the drain. ENDA is set to come out of committee sometime after the first of the year, and I'm not as confident as I'd like. If the Republicans, and Conserva-Dems and whoever else manage to torpedo the health bill, they might feel they have carte blanche to block the passage of anything else. These are my biggest concerns beyond my day-to-day life.

I look to film for an escape from everyday cares and woes. At two hours and forty minutes, "Avatar" will make a nice break. I like everything I've seen about "Avatar" impresses me: the actors, the director, the incredible computer-generated effects. Nothing can take that away from me. Not even the off-topic whining of some of my brothers and sisters.


  1. Yes, I agree Jaye.

    Getting silly and petty over things is self-defeating.

    It's a bit like the sociology academics who kicked up a fuss claiming that The Lord of The Rings depiction of Orcs was "racist".

    That sort of thing shows a lack of common sense, perspective, prioritiies and judgement.

    It just gives the right-wing tabloids another easy headline to "show" how pathetic and "PC" their opponents are.


  2. Some films are just entertainment and if it was not snowing I would have been in the cinema right now. I want to see how far we have come in putting imagination on the screen.

    Just going to change my toes from summer gold to fire red to match my fingers. That work thing leaves me lost for words.

    Caroline XXX

  3. Pretty nail color! So, what exactly IS involved in a pedicure and manicure? I've always wanted to get a mani/pedi combo, but I've never been entirely clear on all that entails.

    Re: "Avatar": Odd. I'd heard some commentary about the racial implications of "Avatar" but not anything about gender or sexuality issues. And, no offense to the above commentator, but I do think the racial issues in LoTR are worth exploring.

    Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the movie.