Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not the Only One

See, I think I'm onto something here. I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs the last few days, and nearly everywhere I look, I see other people talking about the same things. I've read of others not feeling the community. I've read of people trying to push "others" out of "their" boxes. "You're not like me." "Stop trying to include yourself in my group because you're muddying the issue."

What can we do to fix this? Can it be fixed? Should we even try?

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  1. "What can we do to fix this?"

    I'm not sure. I think, unfortunately, it will require a bigger investment from trans people than from cis LGB folks--will take us purposely going into cis-dominated spaces, take us patiently educating even when we face ignorance, etc. Not everyone's interested in that, and not everyone is capable of that--for which I blame no one, because it can be infuriating and exhausting--but I think there's enough trans people who are able and willing to do this that progress can be made.

    Of course, trans concerns aren't the only ones--there are also POC queers; bi, pan, and other non-monosexual folks; poly folks; BDSM folks; etc, etc. Lots of folks don't feel like they belong, sometimes, I know.

    "Can it be fixed?"

    I think so. (I hope so?)

    "Should we even try?"

    Again, I think so. Not always; in my more frustrated and hurting moments, separatism seems appealing. But overall, I think it's worthwhile. Again, largely because of that quote from "1776"--sticking together, working through our shit, comes with some advantages.

    And, hopefully, comes with community. Which is something we all want, I think.