Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Putting the Band Back Together

Check out the link in the title! There's a new song/video from Soundgarden. They have a double album coming out later this week. I used to marvel at the way the "old folks" acted when they heard the Beatles (or some other act) were reuniting. Now I understand. I heard the song on the radio last night riding into work, and it's like the band never broke up. I do not "Squee!", but if I did, this is something that would evoke it.

Now if only Robert Plant would come down off the horse and get back with the lads from Led Zeppelin...

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  1. I met Chris Cornell when I was barely 18. My boyfriend's band opened for them on several dates along with Pearl Jam. I actually watched Eddie Vedder OD on top of a trash can one night in Charlotte-hence why he hasn't written a great song since TEN-because TEN was written by heroin! Chris and I made fast friends-he had the most beautiful hair-such a pretty boy. He told me he wasn't sure that this "music thing" was going to happen for him. He said that only two things didn't suffer during a recession- entertainment and food. "If this doesn't work out, I'm going to become a cook!" I laughed when I read that he had several restaurants. More to the story but wouldn't dare leave it in a comment...