Friday, July 22, 2011

Good News!

It took a couple of days, but I was able to get by the hospital last week looking for help.  Under the auspices of the Florida Mental Health Act, I was able to get myself a 72-hour stay in a very friendly facility.  I went in as a suicidal, depressed person, but came out much feeling much healthier.  I mentioned during my intake interview that I have gender identity issues, and those came to the fore during my visit to the psychiatrist and my follow-up meetings with various counselors.  I told them that I'm not sure where I fit on the transgender spectrum, and they all said that I deserve to find that out, and explore my options.  My visit to the psychiatrist also yielded a couple of prescriptions for antidepressants.  I've only been taking them for a week, but I'm sleeping better, and I've lost a lot of the anxiety that plagued my day to day life.  I have my first appointment with one of the counselors outside in August.

On an even more positive note, I finally got a job.  I went to an interview on Wednesday at the local franchise of a hotel chain I've worked for before.  I originally applied for a job there in March, but the position had been filled.  They have a slot opening up next week, and they had retained my resume from the last time.  The interview was the best of all the ones I've had, and I left feeling very good about my chances.  Apparently I transposed the numbers from my phone, because they've been trying to call me since then, and the call wasn't going through.  I got an email this morning, and they'd like me to start training next Tuesday.

Another positive development is that I've got a more permanent place to live, starting in a couple of weeks.  My sister will be able to move into her new house after the beginning of August.  The property includes a small guesthouse similar to where I moved into in December last year.  That building was originally earmarked for another person, but he is no longer a part of their considerations, so it was offered to me.  I'll be able to get into the house for meals and bathing, but I'll have my own place to sleep, watch TV and surf the net.  Going back to work, I'll be able to fix my 360, and Xbox Live will follow soon after.

It's taken me a while, but life is slowly coming back together for me.  I look to the future with a sense of hope.


  1. Good luck has been some time coming for you but this all sounds like life is getting back on track, so glad for you.

  2. I am SO happy that things are finally going the right way for you!

  3. Oh good! This has to be about the best post I could have hoped to read from you.