Sunday, September 25, 2011

Current Events

Has it been a month again?  I'm starting to think I should change the title of this blog again, if only to reflect its episodic nature.  "Jaye-Walking: Only Published As Often As the Author Can Collect Her Thoughts."  Hmm.  That doesn't roll off the tongue quite as trippingly as it could.  Anyway, more about me.  ;)

Note that in the above paragraph I referred to myself in the feminine.  I may live my day-to-day as a man, but I'm definitely in a more feminine frame of mind.  Speaking of feminine frames, I've lost weight.  I'm told that eight hours a day on your feet will do that for you, but I've been walking a lot lately, too.  I'm learning my way around the Tallahassee transit system, and it's getting me where I need to go, but the nearest boarding points are a nice three-mile hike from the house.  All the exercise is good for me right?  I'm also sleeping and eating better, too.  I haven't abandoned the junk food (y'all know me better than that), but I haven't been gorging myself, either.  In case anyone's counting, I weighed in this afternoon at 200.

I'm still taking my meds, but I haven't been to see any doctors yet.  When I first went to the hospital, I was staying in Havana, so my case worker lined me up with a clinic in nearby Quincy.  I don't have my own transport, and my sister's been down to one car for most of the last six weeks, so it's been hard to get anywhere that's not on the bus line.  I will call her tomorrow and see if I can reschedule for something here in town.  I would have done it sooner, but my cellphone has been weird lately.  It has the annoying habit of switching itself into airplane mode unbidden.  I didn't even know what that was until yesterday, or how to turn it off, and almost a week with no cellphone was more annoying than the same period with no antidepressants.

While I'm talking about cellphones, it's time to get a new one.  Somewhere I have a New Yorker cartoon that shows a woman in a store asking for a phone "that doesn't do anything".  That was me for a long time.  A phone was just a communications device, for voice talking and nothing else.  Slowly, I twigged to all of the other things phones can do these days, and I learned the concept of phone envy.  I was using a nice 3G phone that had been confiscated from one of my nieces.  That niece was given phone privileges again and I received a downgrade.  I'm not a phone snob, by any stretch, but when this line comes up for renewal next month, I'm getting a new phone if I have to pay for it.

I really need to do some shopping.  I trolled through the mall again a couple of days ago, and saw some of the prettiest clothes I've seen in ages.  If I'd been dolled up to shop, I might've gotten to try some things on, but I barely got the time of day from the salespeople I interacted with.

Let's end this thing on a positive note, shall we?  Friday afternoon I was browsing in the local Big Lots, trying to not buy anything (my latest pastime).  The in-store Muzak system started to play Feist's "1234".  It's such a happy, jaunty song, and I started to dance around the store.  It was just a little soft-shoe at first, but by the second verse I was actually dancing through the aisles.  I couldn't help myself.  I was goofy and giddy and I didn't care.  One can only imagine what the guy watching the security feed was thinking.  C'mon, you know you want to join me.

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