Monday, February 20, 2012

Counting Down the Days

Three days till I sit down with someone at the Apalachee Center to see if I can get back into an outpatient psych program.  Fourteen days till the release of Mass Effect 3.  One event fills me with a mixture of hope and uncertainty, whilst the other fills me with excitement.  Yeah, I know.  My priorities are out of whack.  If it takes the hope for a new video game to get me through the next two weeks, I see it as a small price to pay.

If I can get back into the program, then I can start seeing a therapist, get back onto antidepressants, and maybe get a referral to a gender specialist.  I don't like the idea of being dependent on chemicals, but I have seen what has become of me without them, and I'll risk a little dependency for peace of mind.  In any case, I'll know something in a few days.

It's been on-and-off, but I've been going out more.  I haven't been back to the movies, but I've done some shopping, and last weekend I made it out to another Skeptics in the Pub event.  This time I managed to get out en femme.  No one had anything negative to say, not even the folks who didn't know about that side of me.  It's nice hanging out with open-minded people.

I haven't let my love for video games dominate this blog, but I have occasionally let it have its way here.  Today is the latest instance.  This trailer features my character, the (real) female Commander Shepard.

This trailer debuted last night during AMC's "The Walking Dead", it shows a little of what the player is fighting for.

On February 14th, Bioware released a demo of the game over Xbox Live, and I have been playing it over and over.  They don't let you import your established characters into the demo, but you get to play as each of the six character classes, and they let you play out the game's opening level, as well as an abbreviated version of a later section, so you can try out some of the new abilities and such.  It's a great intro to the game and universe for new players, as well as a nice teaser for those of us who have followed since the beginning of the trilogy.  I have more to say about the game, but I fear it'd be opaque to most of my readers, so I'll abstain from a deeper critique.  Maybe after the game comes out I'll write something lengthier.

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