Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jesus, Queen of Heaven

It seems the producers of this play in the UK are getting blasted for daring to portray Jesus as a transsexual.

Cheesing off the religious establishment? That's my game all over. Such a shame it's not playing on this side of the pond.

Naturally, when I saw this, I thought of Tori Amos. From Boys for Pele, the song "Mohammed, My Friend":

"Mohammed, my friend/It's time to tell the world/We both know it was a girl/Back in Bethlehem"


  1. You've got to laugh.

    Some of them think they have a direct line from God, too.

    He tells them what to say...
    Thankfully most fundamentalist religious nutters do not hold much sway here. Roll on the day all of the fanatics them are told where to get off....


  2. Darn! Only a hundred miles away but every moment spoken for till 17 th! Looks like my kind of play.

    Caroline xxx

  3. As a French transsexual, the playwright Jo is right to make a connection between Jesus the outcast and the transsexuals. The transsexuals across the world are persecuted, harassed, discriminated against, executed and assassinated because they want to make their dream real. The transsexuals are as decent as the heterosexuals (straight people). As transsexuals, we are forced into prostitution by the 'decent' straight society which rejects and persecutes us on a daily basis. We are at the bottom of the social ladder. Yes, we all are a Jesus who continues to suffer in a very hateful society. Sophie Lazier (Paris - France)