Sunday, March 21, 2010

Progress in Florida

I have MSNBC set to feed me headlines from the Tallahassee Democrat, what passes for a local newspaper around here. I haven't been here long enough to get a feel for the local politics, or most of the news that pops up, but the headline on this one caught my eye:

"Leon County mulls LGBT rights"

Leon County is where I live, and they're preparing to debate proposed legislation which would prevent discrimination in the workplace and housing against individuals for being G, L, B or T. I might try to get to the city center Wednesday to see what happens. This is especially of interest to me because I'm still looking for work.

On a related note, I met another trans person last weekend. She's a friend of a friend. She's not under a doctor's direct care, but she's taking hormones, and growing breasts. We had a couple of disagreements. One of them was based on her insistence that I should give up my beloved heels in order to better pass. I thought they stopped telling tall GGs not to wear heels years ago. Why the double standard for transwomen?

I miss my people in Virginia. I know I'm lousy at maintaining contact with people, and I can feel the support from afar, but I miss having someone to hug. No offense to Mister Sock.


  1. Hi Jaye,

    That advice about heels is still going around. My partner had advised me (I thought) to wear flats instead of heels (I am 5' 9"). This afternoon we went shopping (she kind of surprised me - I wasn't planning on it - but she said there were sales). I said I wanted to look at shoes - she said what was I looking for - and I told her sandals with a stacked wooden wedge. She claimed she hadn't said for me never to wear heels - that she was ok with a kitten heel or anything up to 1.5 inches - still - we looked at 2 and 3 inch wedges - unfortunately nothing at Penney's in size 11 fit me. This is Seattle - and I noticed that many of the other women shopping were as tall as me or taller.

    I think people are always going to disagree about fashion - we have to find our own way based on what we know works for us.

    I hope you find work soon - and I hope your friend gets medical supervision

  2. I miss you too! And that's awesome about the proposed legislation. I'll keep my fingers crossed for y'all.

    Re: heels, I think there's always gonna be folks who feel they should tell women, both trans and non-trans, what they should and shouldn't wear. If you like your heels, keep your heels. :)

  3. Keep the heels. Do what is right for you! Here is a big old hug for a dear friend I really miss:
    {{{{{{{ Jaye }}}}}}}}