Sunday, July 25, 2010

Around the World

I've written here a few times about my ongoing war with spam commenters. The first fake comments came from Chinese spammers, sending links to their chat/porn sites. A few days ago, I got one leading to a Japanese porn site. Saturday evening I got two comments saying "You have a nice blog," along with links to what appears to be a Polish-language banking site. I say "appears" because I don't trust anything I can't read.

This makes three countries I'm getting readers from, in addition to the legitimate site traffic. This is a positive thing, right? My blog is at least being seen by other people, even if it's not the audience I'm looking for. This reminds me, I need to look at Google Analytics. I haven't checked in a while.


  1. Has blogger given us any tools to restrict who comments in any way? I can't see any and this is starting to be a nuisance that will not go away.

    Caroline xxx

  2. I set it so that any commenter must have a Blogger ID, Open ID or some kind of formal identity. In nearly every case, these spam commenters have gone to the (little) trouble to set up a Blogger ID, and that's all it takes. A couple of the more diligent ones have taken the time to crank out a fake blog, complete with links to the same site they're spamming for.

    It's annoying, but it's not a big deal.