Monday, December 20, 2010


Here's my first post from my new place. It's tiny, compared to my last two apartments, but it's still a decent size, with two rooms and a full bath. Kitchen facilities are limited to a microwave and refrigerator, so it looks like I'm back to frozen dinners and ramen noodles. Maybe I'll lose some weight this way.

I'm only a mile or so from where I was living before, so a lot of the local businesses I used to walk to are still at a walkable distance, albeit further away. This is good, as I really need to get back into the nail salon. With all the work of the move, boxing stuff and manhandling furniture, my nails look a fright. I've managed to break a few, so in order to keep them at a length I like, I may go acrylic. I've heard that the polish used in French and American manicures adheres to acrylic better, so that may be the way to go, at least for a time.

I won't give away my new address, but I get a chuckle every time I read the new street name. It's spelled "D-E-E-R-R-U-N-N" There's a Todd Snider song called "Beer Run" about two drunken losers who cut out of a concert to try to get beer, and get taken for a ride. The chorus involves repeating "B-double E-double R-U-N". So now I get "D-double E-double R-U-double N". ;-)

I guess you have to be here.

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  1. You should really invest in a toaster oven. That should open your options up a bit. Not much, but a bit. Unless you're going Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers, all the frozen dinners I've ever seen are loaded up with fat and sodium. A nice green salad may do you better. Oh, and as far as acrylic, yes! You're more likely to break a nail (though harder with real nails) than chip the polish on them. It stays on there really well. The last time I polished my nails, they looked horrible in less than 24 hours. I wish I could get my nails done (with acrylic), but I don't have the $15 every two weeks to spare. :(