Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling a Little Better

After my post of this morning, I needed to hear a friendly voice. I called my friend De, and she was nice enough to come over to my place to hang out and chat. I love this blog and all of the friends I have made here, but it's always nice to talk to someone in person. The hug before she left was great, too.

On a lighter note, when I returned home this morning, Nate informed me that I wouldn't believe what he found in the bathroom. I went in expecting to find an exotic bug or other alien life form, but what I did find beggars my senses.

Growing up through the caulk around the edge of the tub. WTF?


  1. hmmmm.. Mild fungal problem there, Jaye...!


  2. Fungi are amazing things. Did you know that in the remaining part of the Chernobyl reactor's core a type of fungus has grown that gets all of its nutrition from absorbing the radioactive decay from the reactor?

  3. Oh, wow. LLLLL, that blows my mind.