Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alejandro (another new Gaga video)

Hit the title to go to the video on Lady Gaga's website.

Don't ask me what the song is about; all I can do is process the visuals. I was hooked when I saw the first hot soldier in fishnets and heels. There's so much going on here: militarism, sacrilegious imagery, some serious Madonna evocation (the star, not the other one) or outright robbery. Costumes out the wazoo. There's a serious steampunk vibe, with cyber undertones. One of the male models reminds me of young Tom Cruise, circa Taps. Dig the bra with M-16 barrels covering the nipples!

Sorry I haven't been more communicative of late. I've been suffering serious writer's block. I found the link to this in my email and got the bug back.

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