Friday, June 18, 2010

Apropos of Nothing

I saw two little news items this week that tickled my funny bone. Item one:

A six-story high statue of Jesus in Ohio was struck by lightning Monday night and burned to the ground. Around the same time in North Carolina, the following occurred:

Check out the man's sketch of his sasquatch. Looks remarkably Jesus-like.

That's all for that. It's meaningless and possibly even offensive, but I just had to share.

1 comment:

  1. If christians behaved better towards those like us I am sure their god would stop doing things like this to their graven images.

    We have stories of big cats roaming the countryside. One day I was out in woodland far from habitation on a photographic project and came face to face with one of these cats, we stood and looked at each other for a couple of minutes then it turned away and silently bounded away into the undergrowth. Now if I had not been using an old fashioned camera with tripod and ground glass to be viewed under a dark cloth I could have taken a snap and sold it to the news media for a small fortune! I kept quiet about it for six months till the project was finished, always wondered why there was no sign of wild life like rabbits round the woods.

    Caroline xxx