Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm a Bad Girl

Two Spaces After a Period: Why You Should Never, Ever Do It
It's the way I was taught to type, oh so many years ago. Writing on a computer is typing, is it not? I was trained to end a sentence, after the punctuation mark, with two spaces. Apparently this is improper, and has been for some time. How does one miss out on a point of style like that?


  1. The folks who decide such things have to sell new books to the folks who must abide by such things to keep their cushy jobs.


  2. I come from an age where kids wrote on sheets of slate! The noise is a form of torture in itself! Any rules I picked up have been absorbed into instinct then disinterred after several decades of disuse to tap out these messages. I just hope to transmit the gist of my thoughts, cross my fingers and press send. If I contravene your rules please forgive me I am old and British!

    Caroline xxx

  3. I work for an organisation some people look to as the arbiter of such things. Some of my colleagues could probably find nuances of writing style far more arcane than that to single out for criticism.

    My advice? Ignore 'em and keep on writing!