Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changing The Title

"Jaye's Trans Blog" is what I chose to call this a little over two years ago when I kicked it off. It wasn't meant to be anything special, just a place for me to share and occasionally vent. Now it seems kind of ho-hum. Bland.

I'm thinking about changing the name of the blog. I'd like to use something clever (though not necessarily cute) that incorporates "trans". I liked the sound of "intransigent", but the dictionary tells me that means "unwilling to change". That's not me. "Stuck in transit?" "Lost in translation?"

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. Transcendence?
    Transcendental Thoughts?
    Tales of a Trans-Sister?

  2. My logophilic and devious mind has got the better of me with an avant-garde "The topiarist ran slowly". I'll get my coat.

    A few years ago I was involved in the fighting robots scene, and was always slightly despairing at the infinite contrived names ending in -bot. Does it have to have "trans" in it?

  3. Doesn't have to have "trans" in it, I'm just feeling terribly short of creativity at the moment.