Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Kind of Hell

As I've written much about of late, I've been out of work since 2 February.  The interview I wrote about weekend before last came to nothing, despite my good feelings.  I've continued to pound the pavement, sometimes literally.  I've filled out applications all over, in every sort of business, even in places outside of my comfort zone.  Yesterday morning I banged out a resume to a donut shop looking for someone to work overnight.

I hate being idle.  I hate being broke.  That last is especially hellish because I'm not the only broken thing in this house.  On the Sunday the family went to Wakulla Springs, my Xbox 360 died.  It was a hardware failure; nothing as dramatic as the Red Ring of Death, just a simple power supply failure, what's commonly referred to as the Brick.  A new Brick is going to cost me $50, if I buy it from a reputable dealer, like GameStop or the like.  I got a $25 gift card from the raffle at the employee Christmas party last year, but I still need the rest, and any money I've picked up the last few weeks has gone for gasoline or other necessities.

I know, I know.  It's only a toy, right?  A very grown-up toy, but a toy nonetheless.  Alas, it was an outlet for a lot of my negative emotions.  I was alternating between replaying missions of Halo 3: ODST and my 28th campaign of Mass Effect 2.  I haven't killed a hostile alien in six weeks and some.  I've had steady internet access for all of that time, but my PC isn't smart enough to play any kind of combat games either online or downloaded.  Hell, some flash games cause it to freeze just because it's got an inferior graphics card.

I don't expect anyone reading this to solve my problems.  I just needed to vent, to let y'all know what makes me crazy.

On a more positive note, I may attend the next meeting of the Tallahassee Atheists en femme.  It'll be nice to get out feeling more like myself.

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