Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Developments

I thought I should provide an update, what with things moving so erratically of late.

It would appear that I did not get the job.  I thought it was my best interview yet, but a week has passed, and I've received no phone calls.  I really wanted to work there, too.  It would have made the rest of this easy, going forward.

After weeks of being poor like me, my sister has come into some money.  She's buying a car this weekend, because her truck crapped out.  If I had gotten this position, she and her husband were going to help me get one as well.  They still might get another vehicle, but I won't have any claim on it, unless they allow me to use it.

I think I've found a place to live, at least in the short-term.  One of my friends in Tallahassee Atheists has a spare room, and he's willing to let me live there in exchange for working on his yard.  He's offering room and board, and all I have to do is mow his lawn and keep up the yard.  Sounds like a steal, right?  His property is about three acres.  I'll certainly be earning my keep if I move out there.

I made some changes over on Facebook.  I changed my profile picture to one of me in my current guise, id est, I'm male.  I backtracked all the trans information out of my publicly-accessible profile and hid all of my femme photos.  It's both honest (who I am on the outside) and dishonest (lying to myself and everyone else).  I'm just in a rough space at the moment.  I'm not sure what I am anymore.  I keep saying I'm going to trek down the road to the local Leon County Health Department office to see if I can get any help, but I've yet to do so.  If I move in with my friend, I won't be able to do that anymore, as he lives eight miles outside of Tally proper.

Anyway, enough about the depressing stuff.  I didn't notice when I changed the format, but the wallpaper image used with this template is a painting of the view out the window of some large jet.  I like that.  It implies movement, a feeling of going somewhere (and not in a handbasket).

In the midst of everything that's happened the last few weeks, my old friends at Bioware released a bunch of information about Mass Effect 3, set to debut next March.  It's silly, but if nothing else, seeing this game trilogy to its conclusion gives me something to live for.  One of the trailers is below.

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  1. So sorry you have had to take defensive action on the profile but getting a position and a life back should be a priority.

    Don't go playing games all day, garden work is great for getting fit and clearing the mind, I should know, I ache all over from changing the hard landscaping round the house and taming the veg plot.

    Hope the time in the country brings you some well deserved peace and tranquility.