Tuesday, March 31, 2009


After a hiatus of the last few days, I return. I wish I could say I'd accomplished something while I wasn't blogging, but this is not the case. I found out tonight that my supervisor has finally hired a relief person to work the weekends. Alas, she also scheduled me to work this weekend, presumably to train this person. I wish she'd given me a little more notice. I've had off almost every weekend, consecutively, since the first of the year. My New Life support group meeting is this Saturday, and for the first time since January, I'll have the use of my own vehicle for the weekend. AAAUGH!!!

I attended the meeting in January and then drove myself to work. I think I can manage that again. The associate I relieved back then knows me very well, and wasn't put off seeing me en femme. Naturally, I changed clothes before I clocked in. I'll be doing the same Saturday, but the person I'll be relieving doesn't know about me. I guess this will be a very eye-opening experience for her. Maybe for the both of us!

On the positive side of things, my nephews (Nick and Brayden) have come to visit this week. I haven't seen them since December, back before they moved to Florida. They're so cute! They love to play Halo, but they're not very good at it (they are 6 and 5, respectively). It's nice to have nephews again, if only for a few days. Later this week, we're talking about taking them to see Monsters vs. Aliens.

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