Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Work Weirdness

I can't recall if I've posted anything here about my work, at least recently, but I need to vent a bit. I'm a working schlub in the hotel business, and the last month at my hotel has been interesting, in the ancient Chinese sense of the word*. A month ago, it was announced that the current general manager was no longer with the company. Actually, it was phrased, "I'm sure you all know by now that so-and-so is no longer your manager." As it happened, no one had been told at that point, so it was like corporate dropped a bomb into the middle of our staff meeting. A moment later, we were introduced to our new GM, and all hell broke loose.

The new GM seems nice, but she's a stickler for rules and regs and brand standards. The previous manager played things a little looser, and being forced to comply to previously unknown standards has been a little jarring. She warned us at that first meeting that she was going to fire some people, and she has. I doubt we've seen the last to go.

She likes to have mandatory attendance staff meetings: we've got three scheduled in the next three weeks. One's in the morning, shortly after I would get off, so my being there won't be any problem, but the other two are scheduled for 1700, and I've got no reliable transportation in the afternoons, what with my brother working at the Beach. I'll work something out.

Last week, we started handing out little bags of jelly beans to the VIP members of our frequent stay program. I haven't poached any of them, but apparently someone has. There's a notice posted in the office that anyone caught taking them or eating them will be terminated with prejudice. They must be magickal jelly beans, or else they're sehr expensive.

Anyway, before this post commenced, I received a phone call at work. I answered the phone within the required three rings, took a breath, and launched into the official telephone greeting, "It's my pleasure to serve you here at the blank blank, this is Jaye. How may I assist you?"

I was asked to repeat myself, as the caller, a man, said he didn't hear a word of what I said. I took a breath, and repeated the greeting. The caller again said he didn't hear me, and demanded to speak to a manager. This was midnight, and there's no manager on hand other than myself. I said so, and assured the gentleman that I could assist him however he needed. He then proceeded to tell me that I couldn't talk to him like that, and asked for my name. I told him, "My name is Jaye," and he said, "No, my name is Jay, what's your name?" I hung up.

That's my life on the job these nights. And I was going to try to come out at work again. *SIGH*

* - I almost forgot, the curse "May you live in interesting times." is a (relatively) modern invention.


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