Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the Old Grind

Once again, I didn't mean to go almost a week without posting, but that's life, isn't it?

Nate's emergency of Saturday night turned out to not be a heart attack. It was a severe case of angina. The doctor at TMH prescribed a couple of medications, a diet of 1800 calories per day, and told him to stop smoking. The meds are doing their thing, the diet is going well so far, and that's about it. Nate has cut down on the smoking, but he's a ways to go before he can quit. The nicotine gene runs in our family. Both our parents smoked, and both sets of grandparents, and numerous relations as well. I'm the only non-smoker in the family.

I mentioned before that I had an interview scheduled for Monday. That went very well. There was a follow-up telephone interview on Wednesday with the corporate Director of Hotel Operations, and then I had to wait another day for my background check to come back. Today I underwent Orientation, which consisted of watching a droll video, then signing about a hundred different sheets of paper. Last I was entered into the time clock system. That was new. Every place I've worked before used either paper or plastic cards. This place uses a state-of-the-art biometric system. You key in the last four digits of your SSN, then place your hand in the reader. I felt like I was entering a secret base or something. What's next, retinal scanning? Anyway, I start training for the new job next Monday.

A number of people have told me that they hope my new employer will be more accommodating toward my gender identity issues; I too share this hope, but it remains to be seen. I watched the video today and paid special attention to the company's equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination policies. There was no wording which I could construe as implying any protection for people like me. I've got my fingers crossed that the job protection legislation makes it through the Tallahassee city council next month. After that, we'll see.


  1. Fingers crossed that this all works out well.

    Caroline xxx

  2. Glad to hear that Nate's doing well post-doctor. And CONGRATULATIONS on the new job. I hope you're able to transition there!

    G'luck! :)