Friday, April 23, 2010

Movin' On Up

I am gradually settling back into my working groove. I was hired as a night auditor, but my training schedule has been a little wonky. The first day was all computer training, and I worked from 1600 to 2100. The next day was orientation followed by some actual work, and that day I worked from 1400 to 2130. The next night was a weird one, 2000-0400, so I worked part of the evening shift and about half of the audit. Then I was off last night and tonight. Tomorrow I go back to that weird shift, followed by two all-audit 2300-0700 shifts.

All of this means that I've had to shift my sleeping habits again. My Circadian rhythms are all out of whack, and I've been trying to get around without disrupting the rest of the household. To that end, I was encouraged to switch sleeping quarters with my 11 year-old niece. After months of communal sleeping, I get a bedroom to myself. If I'm home from work, I can now sit up all hours and type on the computer, or play Xbox into the wee hours without disturbing anyone.

Another development of note is that we may have found a two-bedroom house to live in, and the rent's only $500/month. For a house! Sweet!

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  1. I worked seven years of changing shifts and don't think my brain ever caught up with my body except during holidays and there were few enough of them!

    But cash coming in and a new home, sounds like going in the right direction.

    Caroline xxx