Friday, April 22, 2011

From Bilerico Project: Transwoman Attacked at Baltimore McDonalds

Transgender Woman Severely Beaten at Baltimore McDonalds While Employees Watch

Jumping back onto topic for a moment, I'd like to direct everyone's attention to this news item.  You may have seen it already.  If not, please take a look.  The video is disturbing.  It was shot by a worker at the McDonalds.  Neither he nor any of his coworkers attempted to stop the fight.  Then he uploaded the video to WorldStarHipHop Video Tube, which appears to be an urban (read black) version of YouTube., in an effort to get his fifteen minutes.

The victim hasn't been identified, and there seems to be some debate amongst the rabble as to whether she's trans or not, but the perpetrators have been arrested.  They may be facing hate crime charges.  Every time I hear about legislators refusing to grant public accomodations protection to LGBT people, I think of incidents like these.  I wish stuff like this would stop happening.

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  1. Some people are just jerks,and that's putting it nicely