Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reblogging: An Atheist on Easter

An Atheist on Easter

Today was Easter.  As mentioned before, I'm an atheist, so I always find religious holidays a little awkward to experience.  I read the piece noted above early in the morning, and posted a comment on the blog asking permission to post it here.  I didn't intend any sort of plagiarism; I just found the piece to be a well-worded expression of my (similar) thoughts on the subject.  Not only did the author not respond to my request, he didn't allow the comment to be posted.  A politely-worded "No" would have sufficed.

I've posted the link.  It's good stuff, and it bears reading if anyone wants a peek inside my head.

This morning the family went to church for Easter service.  After they returned, the lot of us went with some friends to Wakulla Springs State Park for one of my nephews' birthday party.  In a repeat of last year's trip to the beach, I did not swim, though I did wade in the spring for a bit, and collected tiny shells on the white sand shore.  There's a Mediterranean Revival-style lodge and museum adjacent to the water, and I got to look at the preserved remains of "Old Joe", an 11.2-foot alligator that lived in the area until it was shot in 1966.  Joe was said to be one hundred years old.  I've seen gators in zoos, but none were as large as this thing.  I sure wouldn't want to meet one that size out in the wild.


  1. Happy chocolate egg weekend Jaye.

    Caroline xxx

  2. It's easter? I knew it had to be sometime around now. I guess that's why the roads were less busy! :-) Actually, I did know it was easter; the Mrs told me it was. I just don't care.

    (I liked the guy at the store checkout: "Happy Zombie Jesus Day!" I gave him a quizzical look. "Jesus arose from the dead! He's a zombie!" ...)

  3. Last year for Easter I downloaded an image of "Zombie Jesus" that I occasionally use as wallpaper. There's a copy of it here: