Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something Light

This blog has been all doom and gloom of late.  I need to post something to improve the atmo.  "Change the scheme, alter the mood, electrify the boys and girls," to quote Michael Sheen's character Castor from Tron: Legacy.

I can't remember if I've ever talked about Cowboy Bebop here.  It's an anime series that first ran in 1998.  It's about a group of bounty hunters ("cowboys") in 2071, who travel the solar system in the spaceship Bebop.  It's equal parts drama and comedy, with bits of tragedy laid in here and there.  The animation is a hybrid of the traditional hand-drawn stuff with some CGI.  The visuals are incredible, but one of the aspects that hooked me was the music, mostly written by the very-talented Yoko Kanno.  All of the songs were performed by a sort of house band called The Seatbelts.  Most of the compositions are jazz, but the Seatbelts played rock and other styles with equal skill and artistry.  They recorded a great raft of material for the series' 26 episodes (Sessions) and one movie, but they only performed live a handful of times.  One of those performances was included on a limited edition DVD, Souvenir of Tokyo.  This is one of the lighter numbers.  It's called "Bad Dog, No Biscuits" and it originally appeared in Session Two, "Stray Dog Strut".

The kooky lady in the red coat is Ms. Kanno herself.  Enjoy!

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