Friday, April 24, 2009

Small World

I met another transwoman last night, at work. She turned out to be someone I checked in in drab about a week ago. She came down to the lobby shortly after I came on shift and asked if it was okay if she hung out in the lobby en femme. I took a moment to see how she was dressed (a sweater and skinny jeans with pumps) and told her it was cool. Then I told her I was trans, and she relaxed.

It was busy last night, but between dealing with assorted guests and their lunacy, I got to chat with her a bit. She lives overseas as a civilian contractor with the military, but occasionally returns to this area for business. She doesn't know of any support apparatus where she is stationed, so I consulted my online references, and showed her a couple of links. Naturally I threw in a link to this little work in progress. ;)

After a little while, she disappeared up to her room and returned in a different hairpiece. She asked if I could take her photo, so she could see how she looked. I was happy to; any excuse to handle a camera is a good one.

This little interlude eased the loneliness I've been feeling. It's always nice to make a connection.

Before I forget, I managed to get my way regarding this weekend. I reminded my boss that I had put in a request (a month ago) and that I've worked six weekends in a row. It took some surgery on the schedule, and made it so I've had to work eight nights in a row (tonight is number 8), but I'll be able to go to Langley this weekend. Plus, I'm getting to borrow a decent camera, so I'll have photos to show.

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  1. 'Tis a very small world, indeed. Being a military brat who's lived oversees, I'm outrageously curious as to what branch (or branches) she works with and where she works--but that's way, way intrusive, so I won't ask.

    Enjoy the air show!