Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sometimes a Girl Can't Catch a Break

In lieu of anything really going on in my life, I have spent some of my most recent posts griping about work. This is more of the same.

I don't mind working weekends if I have to. For a long time when I worked in Charlotte, I couldn't get a weekend off to save my life. It reached a point where I stopped thinking of weeks the way most people do, because my breaks always came midweek, rather than weekend.

Since I took over the full-time auditor slot at this hotel, I've had most weekends off. I lost my regular part-time relief auditor almost two months ago. A part-time person filled in the first weekend after that, and I have worked every consecutive weekend since. I just looked at the schedule for next weekend, and discovered I am working yet again.

A month ago, I put in a request off, so I could attend the Airpower over Hampton Roads airshow at Langley Air Force Base next Saturday or Sunday. I'm set to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so it looks like it's not happening. I suppose it's just as well. I haven't been able to secure a decent camera since my A330 died, and attending an airshow without a camera is an exercise in futility.