Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Things

I went to the monthly NLTO meeting last month. I caught a ride over with a friend because Nate had the truck (He got a job!). This was my third meeting, and I actually knew or had at least met everyone there. There was some talk about last month's Lobby Day. I had wanted to go, but I had to work. Everyone said they felt like they'd made some progress, so that's a plus. LLLL presented a couple of videos, one by the Athens Boys Choir:

and another by a Youtube poster, riftgirlblog:

So that's how this embedding stuff works. Shiny!

We went around the room talking about ourselves and things that are going on in our lives. When my turn came, I got to gush a little about writing here, then I went off on a tangent talking about my brother. I thought I was getting off topic, but De pointed out that everything in my life is trans-related. I can't turn off being trans just because I'm not living femme 24/7.

We talked a little about this month's movie night. Julian commented that he'd like to see something about transmen that wasn't sad. When I came home last night, I did a little Googling. Most of the films about transmen are documentaries. Boys Don't Cry is mentioned a lot, but it's a retelling of a real event, and it ends on a sad note. I did find a number of films (mostly comedies) featuring a crossdressing woman as a major character/plot element, but in most of these, the character is a straight woman who ends up in a conventional hetero relationship by the end of the story. I would appreciate feedback on this subject from anyone who knows.

There was a clothing swap, but I didn't see anything I liked that would fit. If there's anything left of my tax refund after I pay the rent, I might treat myself to a few new pieces.

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  1. Yeah, the cultural presence of transmen is pretty bad. I mean, it's bad for transwomen, too, but we at least show up in a variety of contexts. Boys Don't Cry is about it.

    That said, I'm partial to Sylvia Scarlet, myself, because Katharine Hepburn is smoking hot as a boy. Seriously.