Friday, February 6, 2009

I Broke a Nail!

I know, it's petty to bitch about this, but they were good and long, and I was trying to nurture them along until next payday, when I could (hopefully) afford another professional manicure. I've worn my nails long ever since I learned that I could. I've had to truncate them from time to time, because of either work or leisure activities, but I prefer them a little long. This has often come at odds with my male identity, but I try to keep them neat, and well-polished.

It's been three weeks since my last manicure, and they were getting a little long, even for me. I started catching the edges on things. I finally broke one last night at work, snapped it all the way back to the fingertip. So I naturally had to trim the rest down, though I left them longer than that. Now I've got to polish them. I'm off this weekend, and NLTO's tomorrow, so I might take the plunge and use a real color. Maybe I'll even share a photo.

I've got more, but Countdown with Keith Olbermann is on.

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