Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Was Wrong (and I'm Glad)!

I was wrong about Law & Order. They handled tonight's case in an enlightened manner. The victim was not transgendered. A man was beaten nearly to death (with injuries to his genitals) in the parking lot of a strip club. There were a handful of red herring suspects: the club's bouncer (a very butch Lea DeLaria), a cross-eyed perv and one of the strippers, who it turned out was a grad student for real/pretending to be a stripper/hooker for a book she was writing. Then the victim wakes up in the hospital and says he's in a custody fight with his ex-wife, who might've attacked him.

The detectives go to see the ex, and are introduced to the object of the custody fight: 13 year-old Hailey, nee Henry. Hailey's mother supports her child's choice to transition, but the father objects. Then it comes out that Hailey has a violent streak, and her mother caught her sneaking back into the house at 2am the night her father was attacked. Come to find out, she was out with some trans friends, breaking into a pharm company's warehouse to steal hormones to sell on the black market. Her grown-up transman friend is Daniela Sea (Max from The L-Word). Hailey blurts out a confession to save her friends, but as it turns out, it was actually Hailey's school guidance counselor.

I'd have watched the rest, but I had to leave for work. I missed a guest appearance by ER's Alex Kingston. Did you know that NBC doesn't stream any of the Law & Order programs on their website, or Hulu, or anywhere else? They do show reruns on odd weekends, and the episodes turn up on USA Network a couple of weeks after they first air, but they won't post the show on their website.

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