Sunday, February 22, 2009

NLTO Movie Night

The third Saturday of the month is usually our group Movie Night. A number of us gather at a friend's house in Virginia Beach, and we watch a movie that explores some element of being transgendered. This month's selection was the HBO movie "Normal", with Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Lange. Oftentimes, most of those assembled have seen the movie, but we use these gatherings to share with our friends who haven't seen them. A few of the people we were expecting didn't appear, so those that were left had all seen the movie. We debated what else to watch, when I mentioned the new movie premiering on HBO, "Taking Chance", with Kevin Bacon.

"Taking Chance" is not the least bit trans-themed. It's a beautiful movie, though. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl is a Gulf War veteran. In 2004, his unit was one of several assigned the duty of bringing home the bodies of those who have fallen in Iraq. It is highly unusual for officers to escort enlisted Marines, but Lt. Col. Strobl felt strongly about this one Marine, PFC Chance Phelps, who enlisted in Strobl's hometown in Colorado. The movie is based on an essay Strobl wrote about bringing Chance Phelps home. Here's the HBO site:

I also found the original essay.

Powerful stuff.

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