Monday, June 8, 2009

Vermont Program Helps Students Explore Gender Identity

Ganked from Yahoo, obviously.

Where were programs like this when I was growing up?


  1. The university where I went to study had a medical service which totally messed up my life offering me no hope ever. Mow it welcomes students with a GLBT officer on staff!

    What if?!


  2. That's good news, Jaye..

    Time passes.... people learn... minds open... attitudes change.

    Until someone invents a time machine, I do my best to forget the past and welcome the present and its positive changes, and do what I can to ensure they stay in place for the new generation.

    Just because we suffered doesn't mean they have to.

    Our little Diva is a litle girl through and through, but if she said to us one day that she was really a boy, we'd be there for her.

    That's the difference between E and I, and our parents.