Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Color Me Disappointed

I'm afraid I slept through the President's gay rights meeting, but when I awoke I was all set to hear something about ENDA. No joy! I was looking forward to having Obama watching my back when I talk with the GM this morning, but it looks like I'm flying solo. It's comforting to know I have my brothers and sisters here with me in spirit.

I fiddled around with the header again. A while ago someone complained that they wanted to see my clothes and shoes and stuff. I've been meaning to oblige, but life keeps interfering. In the interim, I've presented the fruits of a two-week shoe buying spree I went on last year. I've bought shoes since, but not in such quantities, nor at that pace. The sad part is, most of those shoes have only been worn once, and a couple (the black platform pumps in the center and the blue metallics on the right) have never been out of doors at all. If there's anyone on the list that wears size 11 and would like them, let me know.

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