Friday, June 12, 2009

I Am Become a Cliche

So I've mentioned here a time or three that the cable's down at home, so I'm forced to drag the laptop out and about to access the nets. Mostly I've done that at work, or the library, but this morning finds me in a Starbucks.

See, I'm blogging in a coffee shop. And I don't drink coffee! Instead I bought a "Vivanno Banana Chocolate" smoothie, which concoction was not half as nasty as it sounds, and a sour cream donut. I was lured in by the sign advertising "Free WiFi". Sucker!!!

It's not free. You have to have an AT&T email account, or T-Mobile, or else buy time via a Starbucks gift card. The gift card was the least expensive option, and I am now entitled to two free hours of WiFi access at any Starbucks each week. Whoo frakking hoo!

I came in here to sign up for Dish Network, as my relationship with the cable company has become untenable. I still haven't sorted out my internet service, but I'll have TV again in five days. Yea, progress!