Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taking Care of Myself

We had a staff meeting on Thursday. One of the things we discussed was a new initiative started by our brand called "Take Care". They're trying to promote better behavior, in both staff and guests. It's a program in three parts: taking care of the environment, ourselves, and our coworkers. They're supposed to be putting up a "tree" in the break room, and we were given "leaves" to hang on the tree. On the leaves, we're supposed to write down how we plan to do each of those three things. As to the environment, I'm already actively involved in recycling of various things. I try not to drive anywhere that's close enough to walk to. I'm a team player at work, so I've got my coworkers covered. Taking care of me is where I slouch.

A couple of weeks ago I let it slip to the GM that I'm transgendered, but the conversation didn't advance beyond that point. I think it's time to have that talk, and I'm going to sit down with her Monday morning. Wish me luck.

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  1. Got my fingers crossed for ya! G'luck, Jaye.