Monday, June 22, 2009

False Alarm

For those waiting to hear the results of my talk with management, I fear you'll have to wait. I chickened out.

That's actually an over-simplification of things. I got up late for work Sunday night, and forwent taking a shower and shaving in order to get in on time. When Monday morning rolled around, I was fairly scruffy, and I didn't feel comfy discussing my feelings of gender ambiguity when my appearance so firmly cast me in one direction. I had time for proper grooming last night, so this morning I'll give it a go.

To be completely honest, I am a little frightened over this. One reason I waited so long last year was that I was hoping that ENDA would pass. It didn't, and the prospect of getting tossed out into the street with no recourse or protection is a little disheartening, to say the least. My current manager is a lot more open-minded than her predecessor, and I think she'll stand by me, but the owner may not give her the choice. I've just got to say something about this to someone in an official capacity before I pop.


  1. Hard call to make, Jaye.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, honey


  2. Are you planning on bringing any materials with you when you discuss this? Might be worth considering. No need to reinvent the wheel, etc, etc.

    Though HRC is evil, of course, they have a decent list of workplace issues resources:'s also the HRC's in-house resource guide, which might be useful:

    And there's the Donna Rose video:

    G'luck, as always!