Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lessons Learned

Saturday I helped my friend De with her move. Because I was expecting a day of heavy lifting, I went in drab. I wore a tee shirt, a pair of baggy shorts and sneakers, without a wig, makeup, or forms. My only concessions to femininity were a pair of Mom's gold peridot studs and my girly Skechers. This was the first time I'd been out around anyone from NLTO out of my chosen gender. De says she didn't recognize me at first, but I think she was kidding. Everyone else who showed up recognized me. Sugar, De's canine visitor remembered me. Dogs are cool that way.

Anyway, Saturday went from cool and cloudy to rainy, to hot and muggy, to clear and breezy. It took us a while, but we managed to clear the apartment of most of the big furniture and several boxes of stuff. Next weekend, we get the rest of it, and hopefully by then, De will have a firmer notion of where shes going to. I've been in that Limbo of not knowing where I'm moving to, and it's not a fun place.

Sometime in the middle of things, I came to the realization that these friends of mine are some of the best I've ever had. Plus, I definitely know who to call when it's time for us to move.

I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere in this mess that I fancy myself a scale modeler. I used to love building little airplanes and tanks and other machines that sometimes caught my fancy. I did it all through late chidlhood and into my early twenties. Then I got married, and all my hobbies and other interests fled before the terrible wrath of D. In the almost six years that she's been gone, I've flirted with getting back into the hobby. I've collected scores of models, but I've only built a few, and I haven't completed any projects in three years or so. I love to chat about it, and contribute ideas to others projects, but I'm beginning to think that I've lost the mojo. I just completed a kit swap with a fellow in the UK. He sent me an airplane kit (a little one) wrapped in a bubble mailer, about the size of a magazine. Postage from that side of the pond was a little over two pounds; about five bucks. My trade kit went out in a box about the size of an Xbox, and the postage was a little over twenty-one dollars. Where's the smiley for gaping with your eyes wide? That was easily twice of what I was hoping to pay. I didn't worry about it, because I knew Nate was going out to donate plasma later, and he'd be getting some back. Alas, his protein is low, and they won't let him donate for ten more days. I don't get paid again till this time next week.

I won't be doing that again any time soon. Anyone know where a girl can make some fast cash? Besides the street corner, folks.

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