Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eye of the Beholder Art Show

I heard about this show via my friend De's blog. I used to go to art shows of some sort all the time when I was in Charlotte. I decided it was time.

I was originally going to dress up a bit for this thing. I had a Torrid corset-style top picked out, with skinny black jeans and heels. Then I thought about it. The Hershee's a pretty casual place, from what I remembered. I changed into blue jeans and a tank top, with wedge sandals. When I first got there, it seemed like I had made the "right choice". Then I got to the back of the club, where the art show was, and there were a ton of people back there in goth/punk gear. Not everyone, mind, but enough that I wouldn't have stood out.

I stood out anyway. I was easily the tallest person in the building, and I was wearing those wedges to boot.

There was some beautiful art there. I really wish I could have afforded some of it.

The only person there that I knew was the hostess, and I only know her as a friend of a friend. I did run into a whole slew of people who thought I was somebody else. That's always fun. Then I attracted the attention of this really drunk dude. He really wanted me. In a bad way. "You're a big sexy thing, aren't you? I bet you get that all the time." Ehh, not really. "Please take your hand off my breast." I suppose I should have felt offended, but I was laughing too hard.

I don't do the bar thing too often. I can only take so much cigarette smoke before I have to go, and after an hour or so, I bailed.

On the way home, I stopped into the Walmart Supercenter for some groceries. I think I frightened a few of the other shoppers, but I just smiled and kept on going. When I left, this guy came up to me, and I thought he was going to start something, but Security conveniently rolled up and asked him to shift it. Whew!