Friday, May 8, 2009

Here's Where I Go Off

I've been at this blog a little over five months now. I've tried to stick to my declared subject matter, but I occasionally wander off the path. This is a warning, to let y'all know that such detours may become a regular occurrence.

I've been holding material back for years. This is what I get for not writing for so long. I open the word-hoard, and stuff starts spilling out. There was a guest piece on Coilhouse last week about blogging. I haven't taken all of the authors ideas to heart, but he did give me some ideas.

One bit I'm working on is an essay which has been festering for years. I originally started writing it as a stand-up/performance art bit, but I never quite got 'round to learning the piano.


  1. Go for it, Jaye!!!


  2. I love blind, raging, screaming streams of consciousness! Sometimes you have to go on a tangent to get to the core of your real truth.
    Did I ever tell you that you look just like my high school latin teacher? You really do. She was a lesbian too. LOL

  3. I am more than happy to read whatever you see fit to post. :)

  4. Write what you want. We in the T community have such a monomania for trans-related subjects that we seldom realize that it's all we talk about. The last thing I want to become is a crashing bore. So write about anything. Write about the movies you see, the books you read, your garden, your pets, politics, art, sex, romance, whatever is on your mind. It may put some readers off, but it will be you.