Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fug My Guest

Of all the nights to not bring a camera!

I've already spoken of all the sights I didn't get to photograph while I was gallivanting about Eastern Virginia, but nothing could have prepared me for the young lady who checked in a while ago.

She was wearing a pale pink minidress, slit down to there, and matching peeptoe slingbacks with four- or five-inch heels. Her manicure and pedicure were bright, almost neon green. Her jewelry was a mix of coordinated pink and green, with the exception of a large, hematite-finished necklace that clanked like a cowbell. The crowning touch to it all was her glittery PINK eyeshadow.

I wish I had brought my camera.

Due to some sort of technical hooha, this post appears prior to the post which refers to it.

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