Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It looks kind of haphazard, but I uploaded some photos to my Photobucket account, and up popped this app for posting a slideshow of them to my blog, et voila!

I tried to set up the photos in some sort of order. The first shows my flip-flops, then my flats and sneakers, pumps, other heels, and last my boots. The sad part is, once I put everything away, I realized that I left out a few pairs. Frak!

Yes, I am shoe queen. Every pair in these photos has been out of doors at least once, but some of them haven't been out since. When you have as many shoes as I have, and you're not living full-time femme, it's hard to wear more than a few of them multiple times. I live in flip-flops, so those have gotten the most usage, followed by my Skechers. I left out the shoes I wear for work, because they're the most masculine-looking shoes I own, and who wants to look at that stuff?

If I get to proceed with my on-the-job transition, that may change. Time will tell.

Edit: Since I posted this, I read the results of a little poll from the cover of USA Today. The question was "Who owns more shoes?", and it listed the averages for Americans. For the men: 7 pairs. For the women: 15 pairs. Hah! I got 'em both beat.

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  1. Beautiful!
    You're a CLEVER shoe queen!
    Ah...and some shoes are only meant to be one night stands and remain nice and shiny and new in our collections.
    Thanks for making me giggle at 4 in the morning!