Thursday, July 23, 2009

"I was not here. You did not see me."

That was me this morning. Each morning, the hotel sets out a nice little spread for breakfast, a mixture of the traditional "Continental" breakfast and a few hot items. Employees are not supposed to partake, but nearly everyone does. Normally if I'm going to do so, I grab mine before the bulk of our guests come down, so no one sees me getting the food, nor eating it. I was a little busy this morning, so I wasn't able to get any until there were a few people over there eating.

One of our frequent stay guests watched me this morning, and I looked over at him and said, deadpan, "I was not here. You did not see me."

He said, "Okay, but I did see that movie."

It's nice when someone gets my movie references.


  1. Did they actually say which movie it was? Do they get the prize? Is the food that good?

    Caroline x

  2. give us a clue, Jaye!!!


  3. Yes, he did identify the movie. No, he doesn't get the prize, because I'm not giving my words to a stranger.

    As for clues, the first quote was spoken by Colm Feore. The second wasn't really intended as a game bit, and comes from the David Lynch version of "Dune".

  4. Not that I’m a pedant but the actual line was “I did not say this. I am not here”.