Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shopping, or a Lack Thereof

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to shop? It's true. It's one of the most girly things about me. Even a simple trip to WalMart to buy toilet paper can be complicated by a compulsion to wander through nearly every department to look at stuff.

I'm hurting. I've lamented here often about not having the money to get my usual manicure/pedicure, but it's more than that. Since Nate lost his job, I haven't had hardly any disposable income. Since I moved here from Charlotte, I've gotten accustomed (reluctantly) to having less money. I used to buy my clothes at Torrid and Lane Bryant. Last year I started shopping at Cato and Ross. Lately I've been looking at the emails from a place called Dots, which has lots of cool stuff, at prices similar to Cato. I haven't been able to go. I'd be happy with a few bucks to spend at the CHKD thrift or somewhere similar. I'm not too greedy.

Nate says he got an email from the tax service. They're supposedly going to call him back to work any day now. The call cannot come too soon.